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We want to make using your ViseeO as simple as possible. You can contact us any time with a question, but before you do, please have a look below. We update this section regularly with any new questions people have asked us, so there's a good chance you will find your answer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone 4 with Mercedes Bluetooth

With the recent release of the iPhone 4 we are sure a lot of Mercedes owners will be queuing up to get their hands on one. But how will it work with your Mercedes Bluetooth


The latest iOS 4.1 fixes the compatibility issues that the iPhone 4 had with the ViseeO.

If you have an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G then make sure that you have the latest OS installed onto the phone and then the ViseeO should work without any problems.

If you have any issues then try doing a master reset on the Viseeo, and then pair and sync the phone and ViseeO together and you should have no more problems.

Mercedes HFP and SAP

If you have a Mercedes HFP (both V1 and V2) unit then it will not be able to synchronise the contacts from the iPhone 4. The same applies to those who have the SAP (both V1 and V2) unit.

Unfortunately, as the HFP units cannot be upgraded owners will need to rely on Apple releasing an upgrade that allows for contact synchronisation.

Integrated Bluetooth

The new Mercedes cars (post 2009) have got in-built Bluetooth which unfortunately does not seem to work with the iPhone 4.

We have been told by Mercedes that they are working with Apple to find a resolution as soon as possible. Whether the solution will be released by Apple, or whether you will need to take your car to your local Mercedes dealer, is yet to be established.

Why does my Sync light keep flashing/Why are my contacts not being displayed?

Synchronisation with your phonebook can take longer if you have alot contacts. Let it continue to flash until it goes a steady green. Each time the sync light flashes a connection is being established between your phone and the ViseeO.

Once it has gone steady green press the second button down on the ViseeO and your contacts will be uploaded to the Comand (this should happen automatically anyway). The initial syncronisation process is the longest and in some cases can take up to 5 seconds per contact number.

If the sync light contrinues to flash for over 30 minutes then this normally indicates that the ViseeO is having a problem synchronising the contacts. Problems can be caused by + in front of phone numbers (i.e. +44 870). E-Mail addresses or Home/Work addresses can also cause issues. The ViseeO is designed to read a name then a number so any non-numerical characters within the number part of the contact itself can cause issues.

How do I upgrade my ViseeO firmware?

There are special cables required to perform an upgrade on a ViseeO unit. These cables are provided only to authorised distributors. Instead we offer a 1 year free upgrade service. If you require a firmware upgrade, please contact us in order to return your unit. Once received we will upgrade it and send it back to you free of charge. All our official dealers also have upgrade cables so if you bought your unit from them then please contact them for your upgrade.

How do I send my contacts manually to my ViseeO?
  • Press and hold the OPP button (the third one down). The OPP light should start flashing
  • Send your contacts via Bluetooth and select the ViseeO as the recipient. We recommend sending contacts in groups of 25 to 50 at a time
  • Once all the contacts have been transferred across press the reset button (the fourth one down)
  • *Please note the ViseeO can store 300 contacts

Does the ViseeO use my cars aerial or my phones aerial?

The ViseeO uses your phones aerial.

My ViseeO is displaying my contacts twice?
  • Perform a hard re-set on the unit. Press and hold the second button down for around 10 seconds. While still holding this button press the re-set button (the small one – fourth down) then let go of them both at the same time
  • Unpair the ViseeO from your paired devices in your mobile phone
  • Start from scratch – re-pair and allow to sync

My ViseeO is not connecting to my phone?

Please detach the ViseeO from the car and clean the contacts. Then re-connect. When pairing the phone with the ViseeO please make sure you select the ViseeO and not the ‘UHIxxx’ option.

The Sound Is not Clear?

There is a volume control on the side of the ViseeO. Please make a phone call and while on the call turn the jog dial completely in one direction. Then slowly turn in the other direction until optimum clarity is achieved

Will my contacts be displayed on the Comand Screen?

We know that Nokia phones, Sony Ericsson, Iphone and Samsung are fine. For Blackberry and Windows mobile devices please make sure your contacts are on the phone memory and this will help with their contact synchronisation.

My ViseeO is not powering on?

Remove the ViseeO and clean the contacts. In some Mercedes there is an option in the Comand to power on the phone unit – please see mercedes dealer if unsure

Which ViseeO Do I Buy?

If your car was made in 2003 or before, you have a factory fitted car kit then you will need the MBU1000. Some cars in 2004 have got UHI connectors and others have got fixed cradles. The easy way to find out is to go to your car and look in the top left hand side of your cradle. If there is a small button, press it and try to slide the cradle backwards. If it comes out then you need the MBU2000. If your cradle has a curly cable – or if it does not come out them you need the MBU1000

What is the Difference between the various Mercedes Bluetooth Devices?
  • Mercedes HFP – Similar to ViseeO. It uses the phone aerial and connects like a bluetooth headset. It cannot be updated and cannot receive contacts via OPP. Phones like Nokia Nxx or Exx will not display contacts.
  • ViseeO – Works in a similar manner to the HFP in that it connects like a bluetooth headset and uses the car aerial. This device can be updated and can receive contacts so for phones like the Nokia Nxx and Exx, contacts can be sent to the ViseeO and will be displayed on the COMAND screen. The ViseeO also works with a wider array of phones.
  • SAP – Sim access profile. Uses the car aerial unlike the HFP and ViseeO. This device takes over your phones sim card and is a phone itself. It Does not work with the 3G network as it is only a dual band device and it will only work with the latest Nokia phones.

What is the Warranty period on ViseeO?

The ViseeO has a 1 Year warranty against any faults that may occur. We also offer upgrades for free for the first year. (please see above on the process for doing upgrades)

How many phones can you pair with the viseeO?

You can pair 3 phones with the ViseeO. Pairing a a fourth will knock the first paired phone off.

  • Pair phone X (position 1)
  • Pair phone Y (Y=Position 1 & X=Position 2)
  • Pair Phone Z (Z=Position 1 & Y=Position 2 & X= Position 3).

Separate phonebooks are maintained for all phones. If you get into the car with 2 paired phones at the same time the phone closer to position 1 will pair.

ViseeO MBU-2000 Installation and Manual

  • Where you have an existing cradle, simply unclip and remove it
  • Plug in the ViseeO.
  • Once installed, just pair the device with the phone of your choice


ViseeO MBU-1000 Installation and Manual

  • The ViseeO MBU-1000 is the same size and shape as the original Nokia phone
  • Simply remove your Nokia phone
  • Set the ViseeO to emulate the phone of your choice using the switches on the back
  • Insert the ViseeO into the cradle



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